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Lamborghini Accessories

Aluminum Pedal Pads & Caps Home & Office Accessories Key Fobs, Stickers & Pins
License Plate Frames Lights, Wiper Blades & Horns All Accessories

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Lamborghini Official Badge Key Fob #KF10

Lamborghini Official Badge Key Fob

Enamel Badge Logo Key Fob Clip Style
#KF10 $69.95

Official Lamborghini Enamel Key Ring #lm0195

Lamborghini Enamel Key Ring

# LM0195 $69.95

Official Lamborghini Wheel Key Ring #lm0481
Lamborghini Wheel Key Ring

# LM0481 $39.95

Lamborghini Resin Coated Shield  Stickers
These resin (clear) coated stickers are ideal for exterior use on any vehicle.
Owners use the 4" sticker on both left & right front fenders.
Enthusiasts use either to display interest in Lamborghini.

Small 2" # LM0175 $24.95 ea
Large 4" # LM0176 $34.95 ea

Lamborghini Resin Coated Shield  Stickers

Lamborghini Lapel Pin & Tie Tack
# LM7954 $49.95 ea

Lamborghini Lapel Pin & Tie Tack

Lamborghini Travel Umbrella

# LM8990 $89.95 ea

Lamborghini Travel Umbrella

Drilled Aluminum
Brake, Clutch, Accelerator & Dead Pedal Pads
Designed & Engineered Exclusively for Lamborghini Models

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Drilled Aluminum Pedal Pad Set for Lamborghini ModelsDrilled Aluminum Break, Clutch, Accelerator & Dead Pedal Set for Lamborghini Models
Engineered and designed exclusively for Lamborghini models, these pedal pads have an exacting fit and style to stand out well ahead of any other product of it's type.


Each pedal pad is solid aluminum, laser cut for an exacting fit and drilled to add that finishing touch for a Great Look!  the Brake and Clutch pads are laser cross cut to provide superior grip with a non-slip surface for street, track, wet or dry conditions.  All pedal pads come with hardware & installation instructions.  Installation is easy & takes 15 to 20 minutes per pedal. Sets are sold complete or individually as described below.

Drilled Aluminum Set:  # LMAPP01 $349.50 set
Set includes Brake, Clutch, Accelerator, Dead Pedal, Hardware & Installation Instructions.

Drilled Aluminum Dead Pedal # LMDP04Can also be purchased separatelyDrilled Aluminum Accelerator Pedal # LMAP03
Drilled Aluminum Brake & Clutch Set # LMBC02Drilled Aluminum Brake/Clutch Pedal Set: #LMBC02 $219.95 ea
Drilled Aluminum Accelerator Pedal: # LMAP03 $119.95
Drilled Aluminum Dead Pedal: # LMDP04 $119.95
Includes installation instructions & hardware.

Polished Stainless Steel Fuel Cap
With Engraved Bull

Fits all models #SP3402 $199.95 ea

License Plate FramesLicense Plate Frames
Available in Solid Brass, Stainless Steel Polished Mirror Bright, Stainless Steel Satin, Black Pearl (charcoal) and 24KT Gold Plated. Each of these frames are Clear Coated for added protection.  High Tech Black is also available in all styles. Frames come in 2 hole Nameplate style with the space to add your 10 inch "Italian Car" Nameplate or 4 hole standard. Hardware hiders are also available to match the finish of the frame you order, and a Clear License Plate Protector adds that finishing touch.

Carbon Fiber Frame
#300CF4: 4 hole frame $59.95
24 KT Gold Plated Frame

#310G4: 4 hole frame $69.95
Stainless Steel Polished
#310PS2N: 2 hole nameplate frame $49.95
#310PS4: 4 hole frame $49.95
Stainless Steel Satin Frame

2 hole nameplate frame $47.95
#310BS4: 4 hole frame $47.95

Solid Brass Polished Frame
#110SB2N: 2 hole nameplate frame $49.95
#110SB4: 4 hole frame $49.95

Black Pearl Frame

#310BP4: 4 hole frame $59.95
High Tech Black Powder Coat Frame
#560B2N: 2 hole nameplate frame $39.95
#560B4: 4 hole frame $39.95

Available Italian Car Frame Nameplates
Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Maserati only #NP $9.95
Specify which nameplate you prefer ordering.
Only available with the 2 hole nameplate frames above

Hardware Hider Kit to match frame
2 Hole Frame, # HK2
4 Hole Frame, # HK4 $7.95
Clear Plate Protector
2 Hole Frame, # LTP2 $12.95

4 Hole Frame, # LTP4 $12.95

Leather Logo Keyfob #LCLKF

Logo Leather Key Fob

The ultimate Italian Car Accessory!
30 different Domestic & Import logos available!
Logo Leather Key Fob:  #LCLKF  $34.95 ea

Logo tire valve stem caps

The ultimate wheel accessory for your Italian Car!  Full-Color Logo's are polycarbonate coated.
Each cap set includes 4 caps fitted with O-rings for an airtight seal.
30 different Domestic & Import logos available!  Once sold these will be gone for good!
Logo tire valve stem cap set: #LCS $39.95 ea
Remaining Inventory only
Bugatti in aluminum & chrome
Lamborghini in chrome
Lancia in aluminum
Lotus in aluminum & chrome
Maserati in aluminum & chrome


Vision Plus High Performance Halogen HeadlampVISION PLUS HALOGEN HEADLAMPS
For years, automotive racing professionals have chosen Vision Plus High Performance Halogen Headlamps because of their incredibly bright, precisely focused beams, powerful output and outstanding quality. Now these headlamps are street legal in all 50 states & Internationally.
High Performance Halogen Headlamps
Vision Plus High Performance Halogen Headlamp7" Round, Hi/Low Beam: #VP70477 $84.95 ea
Rectangular, 4x6"/166mm, Hi/Low Beam: #VP72146 $84.95 ea
Spare HV4 Halogen Bulb: #HV2 $19.95 ea

PIAA Professional Halogen Lamp Systems
Never before has PIAA offered such a complete range of lighting perfection. The PIAA lighting technology line is the closest color yet to H.I.D. (High Intensity Discharge), without the cost. Brilliant in color & radical in technical performance, these bulbs elevate your car's road profile to a new level no matter what you drive. Enhance you vehicle with PIAA Technology. Match these bulbs to provide a sleek & unified illumination for the discriminating driver.  Bulbs sold in Twin Packs. Match your Bulb # with the PIAA Bulb Type of your choice for the correct crossover application.  Upgrade your bulbs for a whiter brighter light.
Click the PIAA Bulb Picture for a complete description of each bulb.

PIAA Bulb Application Chart

OEM Bulb Output Watts PIAA Replacement
Output Watts
Twin Pack
Part # Price
Bulb Picture
H3, 55 Watts Xtreme White, 110 Watts # 15255 Twin Pack $79.95 5255, 5455, 5458 Xtreme & Super White Platinum Bulb
H3, 55 Watts Super White Platinum, 85 Watts # 15455 Twin Pack $37.50
H3, 85Watts
Super White Platinum, 130 Watts
# 15485 Twin Pack $39.95
H4, 60/55 Watts
Xtreme White, 135/125 Watts
# 15260 Twin Pack $89.95
5260 Xtreme White Bulb
H4, 55/60 Watts Super White Platinum # 15660 Twin Pack $89.95 5660, 5680 Super White Platinum
H4, 80/80 Watts
Super White Platinum
# 15680 Twin Pack $99.95
9004 45/65W Super White Platinum # 19604 Twin Pack $99.95
9007 55/60W
Super White Platinum
# 19607 Twin Pack $99.95
9005 60W Super White Platinum # 19605 Twin Pack $89.95
9006 51W
Super White Platinum
# 19606 Twin Pack $89.95
W2 18W Xtreme White Bulb # 19224 Twin Pack $19.95
168 5W Super White Platinum # 19169 Twin Pack $19.95
168 5W
Xtreme White
# 19172 Twin Pack $19.95
T-6 10W
Xtreme White
# 19223 Twin Pack $19.95
7440 27W Xtreme White # 19225 Twin Pack $19.95
7443 27/8W
Xtreme White
# 19226 Twin Pack $19.95
1156 27W Xtreme White # 19227 Twin Pack $19.95
1157 27/8W Xtreme White # 19228 Twin Pack $19.95

Our Exact Fit blades offer original equipment quality at an economical price. Blades install in seconds, & provide superior wiping at highway speeds.
Wiper Blade
94 Diablo, 3 Blade Set: #lm13-1 $69.95 set
Countach: #lm6111019 short blade $44.95 ea
Countach: #lm6111300 long blade $69.95 ea
71-75 Espade: #lm18-1 $39.95 set

Washer Pump KitWASHER PUMP KIT Here's your answer to that quick & economical window washer repair. These 12-volt super pump kits are exact fit original equipment replacements. Easy to install & comes with complete instructions. #11-100 $36.95 kit

Replacement aftermarket AM / FM Power Antenna. Fender mount, 5 section 31" chrome plated mask, 5 custom head kits, powerful 8-pole motor, 55'' cable. Hardware included. Power Antenna: #R001pa $119.95 ea

Powerful and penetrating enough to get attention over any level of road noise. Kit consist of 2 trumpets of different lengths made of impact-resistant material, high performance compressor, air filter, tubing, relay & bracket.
2 Trumpet Dual-tone Kit:  # HV-4  $87.50 ea

Horn ButtonLamborghini Horn Button
1 terminal, all models: #lm00231 $89.95

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