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Lancia Models
Brake System Components

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Performance brake partsOur pads are the finest semi-metallic pads available, combining top-rated performance with a long service life. The exclusive friction material, which is 60% metallic combines extra fine soft steel wire with powdered sponge iron and silver virgin graphite for maximum heat transfer and smooth, quiet performance. Runs virtually dust-free!

Our international Brake Discs & Drums are your Guarantee of Superior Performance. Each disc provides these quality features: Uniform hardness throughout the casting to insure long service life that resist scoring, exact parallel inner & outer surfaces mate the pads to the disc to reduce pad vibration, a super micro finish to avoid squealing and a heat dam that keeps heat out of the hub area.

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Lancia: Scorpion 1976-79 102.00541
Beta, Zagato 1976-82 102.90020
Flaminia, Flavia, Fulvia 1962-70 102.00230

Optional Cross Drilled Brake Rotors: #SPCDR001 $79.95 per rotorPerformance Brakes
Very few European car manufacturers cross-drill disc brakes. We can have any rotor  cross-drilled. HORSEPOWER & BRAKES GO “HAND IN HAND” Cross drilled discs will provide 40% better cooling, 20% better stopping, operate better in wet weather, lower brake temperatures, reduce rotor warpage with less fade and longer life. Although brakes do need heat to work, too much heat will lessen the ability of the pad to grab the disc. Cross-drilled rotors have holes machined and radiused into the face of the rotor. Machined in a pattern that enhances air flow, but at the same time does not affect the structural integrity of the rotor. Even though the surface area has been slightly decreased, cross-drilling adds a cooling effect that increases stopping ability by reducing the heat-induced fade that occurs when brakes are used frequently or at high speeds. Lower heat temperature means less warpage, which will lengthen the life and durability of the rotor. Wet weather performance is enhanced by pushing water through the holes rather than waiting for the water to dissipate from the heat the brake generates.  Note: Cross drilling will add 7 to 10 business days to the delivery of your rotor order.

* NOTE: Pad sensors not included
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