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Air, Fuel & Oil Filters

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Universal Filter Italiana S.p.A.UFI Air FiltersUFI Filters
UFI FiltersUFI is OEM on most Italian models. Their innovative system performs triple oil filtration before the oil ever gets to the lubrication system! This is done by employing three different types of filter material, with different degrees of filtration and dirt-accumulation capacities. The system consists of an upper filter element composed of two different materials, placed to perform filtration in series, and a lower filter element, made of a third type of material, performing filtration in parallel with the upper filter element. The two elements perform differential oil filtration so that the oil, when in its initial lubricating and detergent condition, flows through the lower filter, which offers less resistance. When the oil starts to get dirty, the lower element provides more resistance and the performance of the upper element begins to increase. Filtration gets stronger as the oil increases its flow through the upper element due to the combined action of the two layers in series. Ferrari uses this type filter on the F512. The advantage to this system is: 1) maximum filtration efficiency 2) improved engine protection 3) system retains 99% of all impurities UFI has been in the filter business for over 25 years on the Italian and International markets. UFI was the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to Ferrari and many other Italian Car Manufacturers.

Note: Listed below we also offer 2 aftermarket alternatives in both Fram & Baldwin. These are very high quality filters a a reduced price.

Application Chart

Make & Model

# & Price ea

# & Price ea

# & Price ea


Countach 5000S, Carb
Countach 5000S QV, Fi
Countach 25th Anniversary
Diablo VT & SV
lm1188 $89.95
lm11002 $99.75
lm11002 $99.75
lm11002 $99.75
lm11002 $99.75
lm2093 $199.95
lm30888 $149.95
lm30888 $149.95
lm30888 $149.95
lm30888 $149.95
lm051 $79.95
lm051 $79.95
lm037 $79.95
lm1344 $196.75
lm1344 $196.75
350GT, 400GT, Miura, Espada, Islero S lm1188 $89.95 lm2093 $199.95 lm26618 $89.95
Jalpa, P200/250/300 lm11002 $99.75 lm2093 $199.95
lm13103 $289.75
6221475 $89.50
Urraco lm11002 $99.75 lm1310375 $149.95 6221475 $89.50
Gallardo 07L115561C $159.75 N/A N/A
Murcleago 07M115561C $149.75 N/A N/A

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