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Labels & Plates for Ferrari Models

For that perfect finishing touch to complete your restoration project.
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Ansa Exhaust Sticker  Ansa Exhaust Sticker
    Used on the exhaust tips of many early all Ferrari models, don't forget to order 1 exhaust tip red stripe with each label.
   #FR2030 $27.50 ea
Ansa Exhaust Sticker Red exhaust tip red stripe
                         Used on the exhaust tips of many early all Ferrari models
                    #FR2030s $17.50 ea

Koni Shock Sticker 2020Koni Shock Absorber Sticker
#FR2020 $27.50 ea

Koni Shock Sticker 2923
Koni Classic Shock Absorber Sticker
#FR2023 $27.50 ea

Oil level check labelOil Level Check Label
Used on all Ferrari models from 2000 on including the 550, 575 and others models. Label is Black printed on matte aluminum with a self adhesive backing. Exact in every detail.  # FR124198  $2
7.50 ea

Fan Motor LabelFan motor label
Used on all Ferrari models from 1970 246 models up through 1989.
abel is Black printed on matte aluminum with a self adhesive backing.
Exact in every detail.  # FR02080 $24
.50 ea

 328 MINI SPARE WHEEL DECAL328 Spare Wheel Decal
Used on all 328 Mini Spare Wheels.
Bright red/orange vinyl with black lettering.  Exact in every detail.

# 328MSD  $29.75 ea

This label, used on every Ferrari Model, was placed on the expansion tank inside the engine compartment. The label is usually missing or in very poor shape due to the extreme temperature swings. It's a good idea to have a few on hand.Expansion Tank Label
Pre 1984 version, All Ferrari models prior to 1984,
Black on shiny aluminum foil.  # ET01  $11
.75 ea
1984-96 Ferrari models, Black on matte aluminum foil.  # ET02  $15
.75 ea

This label was used on all Ferrari Models.
On 308 models, the label is located on the left side of the engine bay
On the Testarossa it's placed directly above the exhaust system.
Pre 1984 version, Black on shiny aluminum foil:  
# HV01  $11
.75 ea
1984 and on, Black on matte aluminum foil:           # HV02  $15
.75 ea

Magneti Marelli coil label on 328Magneti Marelli Coil Labels
All Ferrari Models from 1974-95. Black on mat aluminum.
You will find them on each of the Magneti Marelli coils in the engine bay of most models using these coils from 1974 through 1995 and in some cases later years. Two versions were produced and there is no way to determine which one may have been used so take a look at yours to see which applies to your model.
AEI500C-1 # AEI500C-1  $24.50 ea    AEI500C-1 # AEI500C-2  $24.50 ea

Coil Label1962-73 Ferrari Models: # COIL  $16.75 ea
Black on shiny aluminum. Located on or near the coils in the engine bay.

Pin is mounted flush, on drivers side, left side of dash. Paint on the pin is gone usually after a few years, due to cleaning & heat.
A Ferrari Item that will keep your dash in original condition!
All Ferrari Models, 1976-89:
# FR6600 $74.95 ea

This label is printed on clear vinyl as original and is placed on the driver side window directly above the fuel filler cap. Original on all 308 & 328 models from 1974-89. The label measures 12mm X 95mm. May also be on other Ferrari models from the 70's & 80's vintage.
# UFL1 $18.75 ea

This label is printed on clear vinyl as original and is placed near the fuel filler cap on some Ferrari Models. The label measures 12mm X 95mm and may also have been used on other Italian & European Automobile models.
# AGO11 $16.75 ea

Borletti Air Conditioning Swirtch PlateBorletti AC SWITCH PLATE
Plate mounts under AC controls on the center console of all 308 & Mondial models from 76 to 89. Original Ferrari Black AC Plate with perfect blue & white screening.
All Ferrari Models, 1976-89:
#fr109820 $119.75 ea

Non-Catalyst & Catalyst Labels, 1974-87 Ferrari Models
Label is specific to each model year and is black on shiny or matte aluminum.Non-Catalyst Label
All Non-Catalyst Models 1974-79
Specify model and year when ordering:
# NCAT $69.75 ea
All Catalyst Models 1978-87
Specify model and year when ordering:
# CAT $69.75 ea

Fan, Hazard, Wiper Speed & Aerial Switch Plate Set

  # FHWA1 Plate Set     # FHWA2 Plate Set
Fan, Hazard, Wiper Plate  Aerial Plate Fan, Hazard, Wiper Plate  Aerial Plate

These plates are positioned on the console of all Ferrari models from 1976 through 1985. They are fitted under the switches, housed in the console. Note the difference between the early type version 1 and the later version 2. The early plate had no markings to the right of the fan switch to indicate switch speed. We believe the plate was converted to the later version 2 sometime during 1979.
Each set is sold complete and includes both plates.
Switch Plate Set:  # FHWA1   $149.75 per set
Switch Plate Set:  # FHWA2   $149.75 per set
Aerial Switch Plate Only:  # FHWA3  $54.75 ea

Lever platesDefroster, Temperature & Choke Plates
Each plate set is a 2 piece set as described below with the exception of the choke plate.
Temperature plate set of 2: #frtps1 $79.75 set
Defrost plate set of 2: #frdps2 $79.75 set`
Choke plate, single plate only: #frcp3 $54.75ea

Lever bezelDefroster 20166302 & Temp 60548200 LeverLever Bezel & Lever Knob
Used on many early Ferrari models including 330, 365, Dino, 308GT4, 308GTS/GTB
Control of Defroster, Temperature & Choke controls.
Lever Bezel only, aluminum:
#fr60548200B $119.95 ea

Lever Knob, black plastic: #fr50017201 $27.50 ea

Vehicle Emission Control Label
All USA Version Ferrari Models, 1980 through 1989

This large white label is usually places on the left deck lid, inside the engine compartment. From 1980-82, 2 versions were produced, a 49-S (state) printed in black ink, and CA (California) printed in blue. From 1984 and on a 50-S (state) version was produced for each model year. These were printed in black ink and are different for
each model year. Specify your model and year when ordering.
Vehicle Emission Control Label1980-82, 49-S, 49 State: # VECL-49 $59.75 ea
1980-82, CA, California: # VECL-CA $69.95 ea
1983-89, 50 State : # VECL-50 $59.75 ea

Wheel Decal Sets
308 & Mondial wheel label sets
 Used on all  308GT4, GTB, GTS, GTBi, GTSi, QV, Mondial 8 & QV Models.  Each label set includes 3 individual labels, enough to do one (1) 7 1/2 x 14" wheel. Label is screened on clear mylar & kiss cut with carrier for easy installation.
One label includes: Ferrari, CAMPAGNOLA & 71/2 X 14 for 1 wheel.
Front & Rear Wheel label set, 7 1/2 x 14: # EWDS-1 $42.75 per wheel
For all models with 16 inch wheels use these:
Front Wheel label set, 16 x 7: # EWDS-2 $42.75 per wheel
Rear Wheel label set, 16 x 8: # EWDS-3 $42.75 per wheel

512BB & BBi wheel label sets
 These labels were used on all 512BB/BBi models.  Each label includes 2 individual labels, enough do one (1) front or one (1) rear wheel. Label is screened on clear mylar & kiss cut with carrier for easy installation.
Front wheel label set includes, Front, 180 TR 415: # EWDS-4 $46.75 per wheel
Rear wheel label set includes, Rear, 210 TR 415: # EWDS-5 $46.75 per wheel

Window stickerWindow Stickers
If your windshield has been replaced then you probably need a replacement window sticker! They normally provide wheel, tire & inflation and other data and are a must to produce a good concourse score. Contact us if your window sticker isn't listed below. We can guide you through the process to produce the correct version for your Ferrari. 

512BBi window sticker:  # 512bbiws $39.75 ea
308 quattrovalvole window 1983-85:  #308qvws $39.75 ea

F 102 BB Plate512BB Autovettura Ferrari F 102 BB Plate
Originally mounted by the factory on the inside panel of the drivers side door jam.
Plate is printed in black ink on brushed aluminum, measures 62mm x 113mm with proper rivet holes for mounting.
For all 512BB models and is a
must to produce a good concourse score.
# F102BB $59.75 ea

Agip plate Dino
All Dino 206, 246 GT & GTS Ferrari Models.  Aluminum plate mounted in engine compartment.
Requires two rivets for proper installation. 
# AG01D $59.75 ea

Agip plate 308
All 1976-84 Ferrari 308 Models.  Aluminum plate mounted in engine compartment.
Requires two rivets for proper installation. 
# AG01  $59.75 ea

Load Rated Label308 Load rated label
We found these labels placed in a variety of locations. In most cases on or near the drivers door. Check your owners manual to determine where to look for yours. Used on all 308 models from 1976 through 1984. A large label, measures 2.25" W x 5.25" L. Black on a White background.
308GTS: #308LR-S: $36.75  308GTSi: # 308LR-Si: $36.75 ea

Load Rated Label308 QV Load rated label
Normally found on the inside of the sun visor
on all 308 QV models from 1984 through 1986. Label measures 1.75" W x 3.50" L.
Printed in black on shiny aluminum.
# 308QVLR: $36.75 ea

328 Load rated label
Normally found on the inside of the console compartment
on all 328 models.
measures 2.25" W x 3.75" L.  Printed in black on matte aluminum.
# 328LR: $36.75 ea

1966 through 1979. A brilliant 3 color label, Black, Red & Blue on aluminum: # SCM $74.75

Glasuruit paint labelGLASURIT PAINT LABEL
This brilliant 6 color label is printed on shiny or mat aluminum stock depending on the product ion year. Specify model year and color code when ordering.
Version 1, 1980-83 Ferrari models:
# V1-GPL  $119.75 ea
Version 2
, 1984-94 Ferrari models:
# V2-GPL  $119.75 ea
Available color codes below!
 Specify color code from the list below when ordering.

100 White
100/1 Silver
100/2 Yellow
100/4 Gold Met
300/5 Light Red Met
300/6 Red
300/9 Red
300/12 Light Red
300/16 Red
500/3 Md Blue Met
500/4 Dk Blue Met
500/5 Lt Blue Met
500/6 BlueGray Met
600/2 Md Green Met
600/3 Dk Green Met
600/4 Lt Silver Green
1240 Black

Dino 206 Fuse Label

Dino 206 Fuse Label

Dino Fuse Block Label Set
Dino 206 & early 246 models.

Screened in Black on Heavy Aluminum Foil.
Sold by the set.

# DFLS1 $129.75 set

Dino 246 Fuse LabelDINO 246 Euro Fuse Block Label Set
Label set was used on most Dino 246 models .

Dino 246 Fuse LabelScreened in Black on Heavy Aluminum Foil. Sold by the set.
# DFLS2 $119.75 set

Euro Fuse LabelEuro Fuse Block Cover Label Set
Euro Fuse LabelUsed on the Daytona and a number of European Ferrari models.
Screened in Black on Heavy Aluminum Foil. Sold by the set.
# EFLS3  $119.75 set

Distributor PlateDino 206, 246 Magneti Marelli Distributor Plate
#FR2100 $36.75 ea

Fuse Box Plate308 Box Plate
Used on early 308 Ferrari models.
Screened in Black on Aluminum
#FR3082095 $67.75 ea

DINO WARNING HIGH-VOLTAGEHigh Voltage Label, Version 2High Voltage Label, Version 1

Black on light aluminum plate stock. Self adhesive backing.
Used on all Ferrari Dino, 246
and 206 models.

Two Versions were produced.
Version 1: # DHV1, English  # DHV1  $34.75 ea
Version 2: # DHV2, Italian
     # DHV2  $34.75

Dino "E" plate #fr2135DINO "E" Plate
Plate used on all Dino 246 GT & GTS models .

# fr2135  $47.75 ea

Dino 246 GTS "E" number plate #fr2115DINO 246 GTS "E" Number Plate
Plate used on all Dino 246 GTS models .

# fr2115  $47.75 ea

Periodical Maintenance LabelDaytona & 246 Dino GT
Periodical Maintenance Labels

As original & produced on heavy aluminum foil stock used on all Dino & Daytona models.
# EVTDP $54.75 ea

Daytona, 246 Dino SHELL SUPER M.O. 100 Plate SHELL SUPER M.O. 100 Plate
As original & produced on aluminum with holes for rivets.
Used on all Daytona & 246 models
# SHL100:  $46.75 ea

Firing Order LabelFiring Order Label
Ferrari 12 Cylinder Models
Black on heavy aluminum stock with clear top coat.
Used on Early Ferrari Models. Self adhesive backing.
# FOL1: $54.75 ea

330 Paint Label330 Paint Label
Label is screen printed in black ink on shinny aluminum foil stock.
Used on all Ferrari 330 models. 100 point concourse quality.
330 Paint Label: 
# 330PL $49.75 ea

ID Plate 365GTC4
Plate # F 101 AC 000, Ferrari 365GTC4
# FR365ID $169.75 ea

ID Plate for Early Ferrari Models
250, 275, 330 & 365 Daytona, Dino, 206 & 246

Line 1:
Tipo    Tipe    Type
Line 2: Motore    Moteur    Engine
Line 3: Autotelaio    Chassis
# IDP101 $54.95 ea

Other label & plate items
Data Plate Rivet: #pr101 $1.75 ea
XENIT stain & label adhesive remover, 10 oz. aerosol can: #st4213 $12.75 ea

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