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Rebuilt Parts for Maserati Models

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AlternatorAll Maserati Models
AC & related parts
AC Compressor & clutch rebuild, all models through 2002: #ma320382r $875.00 ea*
*Note: Core in advance required.

Fan Blades, All Models: #3130 $64.95
, Rebuilt, Biturbo 2.5 engine: #MB25RA $489.95
Alternator, Rebuilt, Biturbo 2.8 engine: #MB28RA $489.95
*Core in advance required

Brake Booster
Brake Boosters Rebuilt
Biturbo: #88765 $489.95 ea
Quatroporte: #ma00563 $489.95 ea
Original finish plating available for all boosters: #BBP-1 $169.50
Early Maserati models, Booster/Servo: #88765r $549.95 ea
Core in advance required

Brake BoosterBrake Masters, Accumulators & Hydrovacks Rebuilt
Mistral, brake master: #54617r $589.75 ea
Break master, rebuilt, girling, Mexico/Merak/: #maMGBMr $589.95 ea*
Break master, rebuilt, Biturbo, Quatroporte: #maMBTQMr $479.50 ea*
Servo Hydrovack hydraulic pump, Bora, Mistral & other early models: #ma151748344r $769.75 ea*
Break accumulator, main pressure sphere, attaches to regulator, Merak, Bora, Khamsin, Indy: #ma005437-r $567.50 ea*
Break system accumulator, rebuilt: #ma005451-r $567.50 ea*
Accumulator pipe: #ma75272 $49.75 ea
Accumulator pipe seal: #ma73314 $28.75 ea
Accumulator union fitting: #ma75229 $149.75 ea
*Core in advance required
Brake master rebuild kit, Mistral, Mexico & Giblie: #ma002693 $139.75 kit
Brake slave rebuild kit
, all models: #ma002029 $129.75 kit

Brake Caliper Rebuild Kits, Mistral
Front: #ma002577 $119.95 per caliper
Rear: #ma002524, large piston 42.82mm  $129.95 per caliper
Rear: #ma002526, large piston 48.05mm  $139.95 per caliper
Brake hose, front, 2 required, Mistral: #ma48345 $89.95 ea
Brake hose, front, 1 required, Mistral: #ma48345 $89.95 ea
Brake light switch, most models: #ma313320187 $99.95 ea

Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit, all Biturbo models
Front: #ma310220031 $69.95 ea  Rear: #ma310220032 $99.95 ea

Brake Caliper
Brake Caliper, Rebuilt, Biturbo & Quatroporte models
Front: #
ma31022-FCr $489.00 per caliper ea*
Rear: #ma31022-RCr $569.50 per caliper ea
*Core in advance required

Carb Rebuild, your core in advance required
Biturbo, all models: #crb-we350 $849.50 ea
*Core in advance required

Clutch Kits for Biturbo & early Quatroporte
Biturbo & early Quatroporte models: #mabtqrc
9.50 ea*
Upgrade to Performance Full Face disc: #pcd950 $249.75  Picture
Surface flywheel to optimize clutch operation: #flyws $145.00
Shop book assembly instructions, copy: #frCSBI $25.00
*Core in advance required
T/O Bearing: #ma849 $265.00          Pilot Bearing: #ma103877 $87.50
O-ring Kit: #maorkv6 $29.95             Rear Main Seal: #ma3989 $87.95

Clutch Kits, Ghibli
#ms32690    Clutch disc, 10.5" $489.75 ea*
#ms58670    Pressure plate, 10.5" $495.00 ea*
T/O bearing $249.75
#ms58342   T/O bearing control (#23 in parts book) $355.35 ea
#ms39803   T/O bearing pivot arm (#30 in parts book) $482.35 ea
#ms47974    Rear main seal, split type $98.50 ea
#ms50239    Transmission front seal $34.65 ea
    Surface flywheel to optimize clutch operation: #flyws $145.00
*Core in advance required

Clutch Kits, Merak 1974-77
#m25CP           Pressure Plate, 9.0" $389.75 ea*
#m27CD           Clutch Disc, 9.0" $249.95 ea*
#m28CSS        Clutch Slave Cylinder, rebuild your original $349.75 ea*
Merak, all other         
Clutch disc, 9.25" $449.75 ea*
#ms300190p    Disc, 9.25" performance upgrade $429.95 ea*
#ms58670         Pressure plate, 9.25" $495.00 ea*
T/O bearing $349.75
#mm178003     Pilot bearing $48.50
#mm311420     Rear main seal $54.75
*Core in advance required

Clutch Kits, Mistral
#ms57550    Clutch disc, 9.5" $389.75 ea*
#ms58670    Pressure plate, 9.25" $495.00 ea*
Clutch disc, 10" $429.75 ea*
#ms58224    Pressure plate, 10" $545.00 ea*
T/O bearing $349.75
#ms46424    Pilot bearing $54.50
*Core in advance required
Maserati 3500GT Clutch kit
Clutch Kits, 3500GT / GTi, Sebring
#ma37850    Clutch disc: $389.75 ea*
#ma37851    Pressure plate: $497.50 ea*
T/O bearing, restore, 3500: $197.50*
#ma43892    Pilot bearing: $129.85 ea
#ma48049    Flywheel, NEW: $1,960.50 ea
#ma37853    Surface flywheel to optimize clutch operation, original: $175.00*
*Core in advance required

Cylinders, Masters & Slaves, Brake & Clutch (rebuilt)
Brake Master, rebuilt, most models, non ABS: #ma/bm/r $397.50*
Clutch Master all models: #ma/cm/r $397.95 ea*Clutch Slave Cylinder # FR107867
Slave, all models: #ma/cs/r $397.95 ea
*Note: Core in advance required.

, Biturbo models: #MBTRD $1,529.50

Fuel Distributor: Re-build your original,
most injected models: #MSFDX-R $995.00 ea*Fuel Distributor #043810-R
Fuel Pump: Re-build your original, most models: #MS619-R $289.50
Fuse Box: Re-build your original, most models: #MB313020104R $895.00 ea*
*Core in advance required

Heater blower motor
, motor only, new: #ma315520167 $269.50
ea*Fuel Pump
*Core in advance required

Oil pump rebuild kit: #MBOPRK $249.95

Shock absorbers: Koni Shocks, Front & Rear
Front, All Biturbo models: #ma82-22fr $497.50 per shock
Rear, All
Biturbo models: #ma82-22rr $
497.50 per shock*
Front, Early Quatroporte models: #ma9422fr $697.50 per shock*
Early Quatroporte models: #ma9422rr $697.50 per shock*
R&R (remove & replace) Coil Spring, all models: #krrs $64.50 per shock
Chemical Strip & Powder Coat Coil Spring, all models: #krps $79.50 per spring
R&R shock bushing, all models: #krrsb $54.75 per bushind, 2 per shock
NOTE: Rebuild front or rear in sets only

*Note: Core in advance required.
Lambo Speedo
Speedo: Repair / Restore, all models, estimate: #lmSpeedoR $425.00 ea*
*Note: Core in advance required

Strut: Engine, Bonnet & Trunk lid:
Re-build your original, most models: #maSTRr $189.50 ea
*Core in advance required

Biturbo, rebuilt, Magneti Marelli: #ma3134 $449.95  ea*
Quatroporte, rebuilt: #
ma313420 $489.95  ea
Installation kit required for Quatroporte: #ma10070 $67.50 kit
*Core in advance required
Steering Rack
Steering Racks:
Manual steering rack, Biturbo through 1984: #MBRSR-M $589.50 ea
Power steering rack, Biturbo 1985 & on: #MBRSR-P $589.50 ea*
Power steering rack, Quatroporte 1985 & on: #MQRSR-P $789.50 ea*
Power steering pump, rebuilt: Biturbo: #ma317801psr $389.50 ea*
Core in advance required

Turbo, Biturbo models: #MBTRT $975.75 ea*

Water Pumps
Water Pump, Bora: #ma107544r $675.00 ea
Water Pump, Sebring, Mistral: #MERWP $675.00 ea*
    Special order pump rebuild kits, needed to rebuild pumps above: #SSOWRK $337.50 ea*

Water Pump, Biturbo: #MBWPr $369.50 ea*
Water Coolant Fitting, Biturbo: #MBTWCF $49.95 ea*
Water Pump, Quattroporte: #MQRWP $489.50 ea*
Core in advance required

Window Motor & Regulator, Biturbo & Quattroporte: #maWMR $575.50 ea
Window Motor & Regulator,
Early models: #ma20221027R $687.75 ea
*Core in advance required

In cases when customers original core is used for rebuild outbound/inbound freight charges will apply.
Eliminate the Core Charge by shipping your core to us in advance!
Contact us if you have questions or need shipping details.
NOTE: Charges associated with machining, sleeving and other related shop time fees are charged at $80.00 per hour.
this charge is over the normal rebuild estimates listed.

Core charges apply on rebuilt/exchange units, exchange units must be rebuild-able to receive full or partial credit.

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